OceanFax Newsletter (Quarter 1-3, 2013)

Fax Server OceanFax Newsletter (Quarter 1-3, 2013)

Fax Server

OceanFax Fax Server Wins China Outstanding Software Product Award for Second Consecutive Year


Awards & Exhibitions
Fax Server
Partnership & Certification
Fax Server
Product Updates
Fax Server
OceanFax New Features
Fax Call Accounting
• Automatically generate fax cost reports.
• Self-defined reporting conditions by IDD cost, department, user and etc.
Incoming Fax Matching
• Automatically match inbound fax’s CSID and Caller ID with the corresponding company name, contact, Tel No. in the database, e.g. phonebook, and list them in the inbound fax list.
Industry Solutions & Case Studies
Fax Server
Fax Server
Promotions & Seminars
Fax Server
Technical Support
Fax Server
Technique Tip
XML and Watch Folder – The Most Frequently Used Integration Tools
The ready-made XML and Watch Folder are two of the most frequently used integration tools by our customers, 70% of whom apply either one to integrate OceanFax with backend systems. With either integration tool, the system integration can be achieved efficiently and conveniently within only two weeks.
  Support Lifecycle More
Reseller Network
Fax Server Locate OceanFax Reseller at Your Region
Hong Kong Headquarters US Office
T: (852) 3977 0088
E: sales@oceanfax.com
T: (001)-1-713.489.8887 ext. 2
E: sales@oceanfax-us.com
Sales Hotline
(852) 3977 0088
Fax Server
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Fax Server

About OceanFax
OceanFax Fax Server is the most innovative world-class fax server. It is designed to support high-volume document delivery in an efficient and reliable way. Built on .NET technology, OceanFax is the first fax server brand in the field to support Unicode, Multi-language, Fax Data Mining, Super User, Black & White List, Windows on the Web, Fax Report Generator and Approval & Stamp. Besides, OceanFax achieves the highest quality of fax conversion with its original Image Plus Patent Technology, supports Least Cost Routing, Self-defined Chinese & Image Header & Footer and Quick Search.

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