A Key Department of Hong Kong Government Replaces Existing Linux Fax Server with OceanFax Fax Appliance, Leveraging Mail Merge Feature to Create Personalized Mass Faxes Quickly and Automatically Importing Customer Data from CRM System to ODBC Phonebook

Fax ServerHong Kong – 4 June 2013 – A key department of Hong Kong government recently has signed a deal with OceanX to use OceanFax Fax Appliance to replace its existing Linux Fax Server for better performance of paperless faxing, leveraging the mail merge feature to create personalized mass faxes quickly and automatically importing customer data from CRM system to ODBC Phonebook.

Project Highlights

  • Replace its existing Linux fax server with OceanFax Fax Appliance
  • An all-in-one, plug-and-play fax server with easy administration
  • Leverage Mail Merge feature to create personalized mass faxes quickly
  • Automatically import customer data from CRM system to ODBC Phonebook
  • Send and receive over 2,000 fax pages per day

Why OceanFax?

  • Dramatically reduce operational costs by saving paper use and telecom cost
  • Fully meet customer requirements with rich features
  • Friendly UI, easy to use
  • High performance – can handle large volume fax transmission

For more information, please visit OceanFax Fax Appliance.

About OceanFax
OceanFax Fax Server is the most innovative world-class fax server. It is designed to support high-volume document delivery in an efficient and reliable way. Built on .NET technology, OceanFax is the first fax server brand in the field to support Unicode, Multi-language, Fax Data Mining, Super User, Black & White List, Windows on the Web, Fax Report Generator and Approval & Stamp. Besides, OceanFax achieves the highest quality of fax conversion with its original Image Plus Patent Technology, supports Least Cost Routing, Self-defined Chinese & Image Header & Footer and Quick Search.

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