Preferring Multi-language Support and Quick System Integration, Royal Canin Ultimately Chose OceanFax Fax Server as Paperless Fax Solution instead of Another Brand

Fax ServerShanghai – 30 November 2012 – Royal Canin recently has signed a deal with OceanX to use OceanFax Fax Server to effectively transition from traditional to paperless faxing, replacing fax machine.

Comparing with other brands, the company decided to go for OceanFax Fax Server to achieve paperless fax application, because the server’s Multi-language feature and quick system integration capability best suit her fax needs.

Feature Highlights

Unicode & Multi-language support

  • Multi-language cover sheet and content
  • Multi-language & self-defined interface
  • Support more than ten languages
System Integration
  • Email Integration
  • Production Fax
    • Integration with ERP for supply planning management
    • Automated generation of purchase orders from ERP and delivery to suppliers
    • Facilitating smooth operation and total automation of supply chain process

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About Royal Canin

Founded in 1967, Royal Canin is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of products focused on breed-specific, lifestage-specific, and veterinary prescription dog and cat nutrition. It is headquartered in Aimargues, France, with twelve production operations around the world, including Shanghai.

A Key Department of Hong Kong Government Uses OceanFax Advanced Enterprise Fax Server to Replace Fax Machine, Leveraging Delegate to Group Feature for Easy Maintenance in Case of Employee Change

Fax ServerHong Kong – 30 November 2012 – A key department of the Hong Kong SAR Government recently has signed a deal with OceanX to use OceanFax Fax Server to replace fax machine for office automation, leveraging the server’s Delegate-to-Group feature for easy maintenance in case of employee change.

Project Background
  • Replace fax machine for office automation
  • 3,000 users & 36 user groups
  • 600,000 incoming faxes per year
  • T1 x 2
Feature Highlights
  • Delegate to Group for easy maintenance in case of employee change
  • Group Admin
    • Different from IT administrator
    • A special role in a group, typically assigned to administrative officers and departmental secretaries
    • Can add, delete group members and change member authorities in a group, in addition to everything that group members can do
    • Share the workload for system administrators and release them to handle other more important tasks
  • Auto fax distribution to users according to different member authorities
  • Active-Active module to provide high degree of availability and ensure an uninterrupted fax service
  • Auto Print

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Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Uses OceanFax Fax Server to Effectively Transition from Traditional to Paperless Faxing and Seamlessly Integrates the Server with ISCALA Accounting System for the Total Automation of Procurement Process

Fax ServerHong Kong – 13 November 2012 – Hyatt Regency Hong Kong recently has signed a deal with OceanX to use OceanFax Fax Server to effectively transition from traditional to paperless faxing. The hotel also integrates the server with its ISCALA accounting system to achieve the total automation of procurement process, eliminating the manual handing required in procurement process.

  • High cost of paper consumption
  • The employees from Material Department are required to carry out much manual handing in procurement process, including:
  • Create, print and then submit purchase orders to managers for approval and signature
  • Fax them to suppliers from a stand-alone fax machine and have to queue up in peak hour for the limited numbers of fax machines
Solution Highlights
  • Paperless fax transmission
  • Production Fax
    • Integrate with the ISCALA accounting system
    • Automatically generate purchase orders from ISCALA accounting system and deliver them to suppliers
  • OceanForm integration
    • Automatically polish purchase orders with OceanForm
  • Approval module: allows managers approve electronic purchase orders with e-signature and e-stamp, with no need to print
  • Eliminate manual handling
  • Improve efficiency
  • Save operational cost

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About Hyatt Regency Hong Kong

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong (Chinese: 香港凱悅酒店) is a hotel in The Masterpiece, a 64-floor 261 meter (856 ft.) tall skyscraper completed in 2007 located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, China, which also includes the 6-storey K11 shopping center, and residential flats. The 384-room Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, located from Level 3 to 24 of the complex, opened on October 2, 2009.