Tsing-tech Innovations Replaces Existing Fax Server with OceanFax for Better Performance of Fax Automation and Seamless Email Integration

Fax ServerHong Kong – 14 July 2012 – Tsing-tech Innovations Co. Ltd. recently has signed a deal with OceanX to use OceanFax Fax Server as its new fax tool, replacing its existing fax server for better performance of fax automation and seamless integration with Email.

  • Replace fax server for better performance of fax automation.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Email.

For more information, please visit OceanFax Email Integration.

About Tsing-tech Innovations

Founded in 2003, Tsing-Tech Innovations (TTI) specializes in investment opportunities for commercialization of R&D results in China. TTI seeks projects that have a clear technology advantage in rapidly growing areas. TTI is actively involved and works closely with the team to jointly develop and facilitate the technology transfer process, help take the project to the next level and creates value to the institutions and individuals involved. its current fields of interest include information technology, wireless telecommunication, environmental technology and health care.

World Vision HK Uses OceanFax to Broadcast Tens of Thousands of Faxes at A Time and Filters Mass Fax with Black & White List for Regulatory Compliance

Fax ServerHong Kong – 11 July 2012 – World Vision Hong Kong recently has signed a deal with OceanX to use OceanFax Fax Server for effective fax broadcasting and regulatory compliance by Black & White List filtering.

  • Broadcast faxes with Black & White List Filtering.
  • Transmit tens of thousands of faxes at a time.
  • Dramatically improve the efficiency of fax communication.
  • Facilitate compliance with regulations.
About World Vision HK

World Vision Hong Kong, incorporated with limited liability, is a Christian humanitarian organization working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty