Eliminating Old Fax Server, KGI Hong Kong Selects OceanFax to Improve Fax Automation, Leveraging Barcode Routing Feature and Seamlessly Integrating the Server with an IBM Host System & Active Form Lite for Polished Statements Generation

Fax ServerHong Kong – 28 March 2012 – KGI Hong Kong Ltd. recently chose OceanFax Fax Server to replace its old fax server, for better fax automation stability and performance. KGI Hong Kong highly appreciates OceanFax’s Barcode routing feature and seamless integration with its backend IBM Host system and OceanX Active Form Lite for Polished Statements Generation.

Technical Highlights
  • Barcode Routing: Barcode recognition and auto routing of the inbound faxes to the mail boxes of the users in different departments
System Integration
  • Integrate with Domino Notes for Fax-to-Email and Email-to-Fax.
  • Integrate with an IBM host system to generate statements every day
  • Integrate with OceanX Active Form Lite to turn raw data generated from the IBM Host System into polished statements with KGI logo, which will be faxed out to KGI’s customers by OceanFax
About KGI Hong Kong

KGI Hong Kong Ltd. is one of Hong Kong’s largest equity brokers by market share, and one of the ten largest futures brokers in Hong Kong. It operates a full-service brokerage for retail and institutional clients, aiming to provide customers with one-stop financial service. Its brokerage activities include equities, bonds, over-the-counter structured products and advisory services.

Attracted by Windows on the Web and Quick Search Features, CSX World Terminals Hong Kong Selects OceanFax Fax Server to Replace Old for Better Fax Automation Performance and More Reliable Integration with SAP ERP System

Fax ServerHong Kong – 9 March 2012 – CSX World Terminals Hong Kong Ltd. recently selected OceanFax Fax Server to replace its old fax server for better fax automation performance and integrates the server with SAP ERP system.

It was OceanFax’s innovative and powerful features and rich applications using flexible integration methods that attracted CSX to offer the deal.

Technical Highlights
  • Unicode support
  • Windows on the Web for web access
  • Quick search and filtering
  • Print to Fax
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible integration methods used for Email and other backend systems integration
System Integration
  • Email integration to enable Email-to-Fax and Fax-to-Email
  • SAP ERP integration
  • MFP integration
About CSX World Terminals Hong Kong Ltd.

CSX World Terminals Hong Kong Ltd. is a member of DP World which owns and operates 42 terminals in 27 countries. The company provides container handing and related services in the port of Kwai Chung, Hong Kong.

A Key Hong Kong Government Department Replaces Old Fax Server with OceanFax Fax Server for Seamless Integration with Avaya Call Center

Fax ServerHong Kong – 9 March 2012 – A Key Hong Kong Government Department recently selected OceanFax Fax Server to replace its old fax server for better fax automation and more reliable integration with its newly bought Avaya Call Center.

Technical Highlights
  • 10 Channels
  • Integration with Avaya Call Center by the Avaya gateway compatibility
  • Integration with Exchange for Email integration
  • Integration with their tailor-made backend systems

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With Advanced Features, High Stability and Flexible Integration Methods, OceanFax Fax Server Stood Out from the Competitors and was to Selected by Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital for Fax Automation Improvement

Fax ServerHong Kong – 8 March 2012 – Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital recently selected OceanFax Fax Server to replace its old fax server for better fax automation performance. The hospital also integrates OceanFax with its two backend systems to streamline and automate the entire business process.

Due to the limited functionalities of the old fax server, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital decided to choose a new fax server to meet their increasing requirements and support its long-term development. Several fax server brands, including a world’s leading fax server, were attracted to attend the competition. Having used their trial versions for three months and after an careful comparison into details, the hospital finally decided to choose OceanFax Fax Server, which delivers high stability and offers advanced & rich features, including Unicode support, custom fields and flexible integration methods.

Technical Highlights
  • High availability & stability
  • Unicode support
  • Custom fields storing document information (e.g. Case ID., Client ID., Job ID., Job number & PO number) for quick search
  • User friendliness & ease of maintenance
  • Integration with two backend systems using flexible integration methods
About Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

The Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital is one of the most prestigious and internationally accredited private hospitals in Hong Kong. Founded as The Yeung Wo Nursing Home in 1922 with 28 beds, today the Hospital has over 400 beds and numerous specialty centers, offering diagnostic and therapeutic services in a comprehensive and one-stop fashion.

Haitong International Information System Applies OceanFax Fax Server to Replace Old for Higher Stability and More Reliable Fax Consolidation with Connecting to 40 Fax Machines

Fax ServerHong Kong – 1 March 2012 – Haitong International Information System Limited recently selected OceanFax Fax Server to replace its old fax server to achieve more stable fax service and will connect the server with its 40 fax machines, enabling users to send fax by OceanFax on the fax machines.

Technical Highlights
  • High stability
  • 200 users
  • Fax consolidation by connecting with 40 fax machines
About Haitong International Information System

Haitong International Information System Limited is one of major subsidiaries of Haitong International Securities Group Limited (“Haitong International”). Established in 1973, Haitong International has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since August 1996. It is well-known for providing total quality corporate finance, asset management and brokerage services to global and local institutional and corporate clients as well as individual investors.