Intercontinental Development & Services Applies OceanFax Fax Server for Paperless Faxing to Film Distributors, Replacing Fax Machine to Reduce Operational Cost

Fax ServerHong Kong – 26 August 2011 – Intercontinental Development & Services Limited recently selected OceanFax Fax Server for fax automation, replacing fax machines. With OceanFax, the company sends e-orders to film distributors, reducing operational cost by paperless faxing.

Kadokawa Intercontinental Group Holdings Limited is a leader in the local entertainment industry, managing a diversified scope of businesses including motion pictures distribution, home entertainment products distribution, advertising and marketing event production, cinema exhibition, electronic games distribution and consumer products. Intercontinental Development & Services Limited (IDSL) is the management unit which strives to provide full range of services to support all member companies with the group – Accounting I.T., Payroll, Maintenance and Human Resources.

Technical Highlights
  • For fax automation.
  • Send electronic orders by OceanFax to film distributors.

The Hong Kong Office of a Regional Universal Bank Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur Integrates OceanFax with Infocast’s iBroker Global System to Automate Faxing in the Securities Trading Process

Hong Kong – 22 August 2011 – The Hong Kong office of a regional universal bank headquartered in Kuala Lumpur recently selected OceanFax Fax Server to replace its old fax solution and integrate the new system with Infocast’s iBroker Global system to automate faxing in the securities trading process.

The bank offers services in fund-raising and financial and corporate advisory, covering management and underwriting of initial public offerings, secondary listings, private placements, advisory on M&A deals, divestments, corporate and capital restructuring, independent financial advisory, and general financial and corporate advice.

As a sub-system of Infocast Enterprise Solution, iBroker Global is a comprehensive back office settlement system which handles all Securities trading back office requirements, with complete integration to the front end trading system and information services. The iBroker Global system interfaces with the Infocast Trader server, receiving on-line trade confirmations and tagging incoming orders to relevant client accounts, the real-time interface allows the back office client details to be updated instantly.

iBroker Global is a complete back office system which is parameter driven allowing for various master data to be setup for multiple company use and retaining complete client records which are easily accessible.

OceanFax Production Fax
  • Integrate with Infocast’s iBroker Global system.
  • Send trade confirmations to clients by OceanFax.

ICBC International Services Integrates OceanFax with MS Exchange to Enable Fax-by-Email, Replacing Fax Machine

Fax ServerHong Kong – 19 August 2011 – ICBC International Services Limited recently selected OceanFax Fax Server to replace fax machines for fax automation. The company also integrated OceanFax with MS Exchange to enable inbound and outbound faxing directly from mailbox.

ICBC International Services Limited is a subsidiary of ICBC International Holdings Limited (“ICBC International”).

ICBC International is the wholly-owned HK subsidiary and the sole investment banking platform of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (“ICBC”), which is the world’s largest bank in terms of market capitalization, customer deposit and profitability. ICBC International offers a variety of financial services and products, including sponsorship and underwriting, direct investment, securities sales and brokerage, asset management and others.

Technical Highlights
  • Fax automation
System Integration
  • MS Exchange integration to enable sending and receiving faxes by Email.