To Replace Old with New, A.S. Watson Integrates OceanFax with Accounting System and IVRS to Achieve More Effective Office Automation

Fax ServerHong Kong – 20 May 2011 – Recently, A.S. Watson Industries Ltd. abandoned its old fax system and embraced the new system OceanFax to build a better total office automation platform by integration into accounting system and IVRS.

A.S. Watson Industries is the manufacturing arm of the A.S. Watson Group. The company is a well-established producer and distributor of drinking water products and beverages in Asia and operates the world’s largest distilled water plant. Its flagship Watsons Water label is widely available in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Southeast Asia countries. With a history dating back to 1828, the A.S. Watson Group (ASW) has evolved into an international retail and manufacturing business with operations in 33 markets worldwide.

Systems Integration
  • Integrate with accounting system:The accounting system generates PO daily and statements monthly and delivers the system-generated documents to OceanFax, which will automatically fax them to customers.)
  • Integrate with IVRS (Interactive Voice Response Systems):An integrated IVR Fax-on-Demand application leads the caller with an (IVR) interactive dialogue through a menu system and provides with self-serve access to requested documents anytime. Here the customer selects the desired document and enters the fax number to which the information should be sent to. The dispatch of faxes will occur immediately after the call.

OceanFax Better Suits Sun Hing than Old System, with Multilanguage Support, Friendly UI and Fax Data Mining Feature

Fax ServerHong Kong – 19 May 2011 – OceanFax, the world class fax server, recently was adopted by Sun Hing Group of Companies, for its more innovative and useful features, to better perform the duties in fax automation, than the old system.

Sun Hing Group has become one of the leading logistics players in the region. In Hong Kong, Sun Hing Group has over 300 employees and covers a wide range of business areas including third party logistics (3PL), cargo consolidation, drayage, insurance brokerage, wealth management, I.T. management solutions and conference center.

Technical Features Those Attract Sun Hing
  • Support Multilanguage: OceanFax is world’s first fax solution that is Unicode encoded.
    • Support multilingual interface of more than ten languages.
    • Support multilingual document conversion, including English, Simplified &Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and etc.
  • User-friendly ribbon interface
  • Powerful fax data mining

Ricoh China, OceanX to Jointly Promote OceanFax, the World-class Fax Server

Fax Server

Fax ServerShanghai – 17 May 2011 – OceanX today announced together with Ricoh China Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, that the two companies will jointly explore the Mainland China market, by promoting OceanFax Fax Server and OceanFlow-Approval and Workflow system, the two flagships of OceanX.

Ricoh China got to know OceanX as a customer at first. Soon Ricoh China was deeply impressed by the powerful functions and excellent quality of OceanFax Fax Server and the caring and considerate service of the company provided to her. Not only has her Shanghai headquarters, but also Beijing branch leveraged OceanFax to enable the automatic faxing of business-critical documents. The two offices both showcase OceanFax in their live offices respectively as Live Demo for customer visit. Besides that, this intent customer also highly recommended OceanFax to her own customers. The long-standing positive relationship enjoyed by the two companies encouraged them to work shoulder to shoulder for Mainland China market expansion.

Fax Server
Tse Chiu Hing, OceanX CEO Takes a Group Photo with the Management Executives of Ricoh China

Left to Right:
Daichi lwashita, Manager, Solution Product Marketing Section, Marketing Department, Ricoh China
Tatsuya (Tad) Otsuka, Deputy General Manager, RICOH Global Services China, Sales Division, Ricoh China
Tse Chiu Hing, OceanX CEO
Steven Chen, Manager, Solution Marketing Section, RICOH Global Services China, Ricoh China

“We are very happy to promote OceanFax and OceanFlow, together with OceanX. By integrating Ricoh MFP with OceanFax, our users are allowed to send fax directly via the device, which is more convenient. We will offer all we can to promote the two quality solution provided by your company in Mainland China, and support OceanX in all fields.” Tatsuya (Tad) Otsuka, Deputy General Manager of RICOH Global Services China, Sales Division, Ricoh China, during the meeting.”

Tse Chiu Hing, OceanX CEO said, “We are very happy to expand mainland China market together with Ricoh and greatly thankful for Ricoh’s trust and great support for years. We will put more strength on the R&D and promotion of OceanFax, to build the best fax solution brand in Hong Kong and Mainland China!”

Fax Server
Group Photo

Aaron Yao, Solution Specialist, Solution Promotion Section, Direct MA Sales Department, Ricoh China (4th left)
Stephen Chai, Product Marketing Officer, Solution Product Marketing Section, Marketing Department, Ricoh China (6th left)

About OceanFax Fax Server

As the flagship of OceanX, OceanFax Fax Server is one of the most innovative fax servers in the world, which automates high-volume document delivery, making it easy and cost effective. Built on .NET technology and designed for local markets, it is the first fax solution in the world fully supporting Unicode and multi-language interface and processing. With its powerful functions and easy-to-use feature, the Server is the leading Fax server in Hong Kong and China.

About OceanX

OceanX is a leading fax server solution provider in Hong Kong and China, mainly engaged in the research and development, marketing, sales and implementation of OceanFax Fax Server and OceanFlow – Approval & Workflow System. Besides products, the company also provides comprehensive services, including IT consultancy, system planning, implementation, integration, aiming at providing the best IT solutions to customers. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices in Shenzhen and Shanghai.

About Ricoh

Ricoh is one of the world’s leading suppliers of office automation equipment, including copiers, facsimile machines, data processing systems, and related supplies. Ricoh is also renowned for its state-of-the-art electronic devices and photographic equipment. The company’s factories and sales affiliates are located throughout Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

OceanX Technology Limited
Enquires:(852)3977 0088

BDP China Selects OceanFax to Replace Old and Run in VM Environment

Fax ServerShanghai – 16 May 2011 – BDP International Ltd. (China) recently adopted OceanFax Fax Server, to replace its old fax system for better performance, and run the new system in VM environment.

Headquartered in Shanghai, BDP International Ltd. (China) is a subsidiary of BDP International, which is one of the leading privately held freight logistics / transportation management firms in the U.S.

Technical Features
  • Run in VM environment.
  • Remote board server drives fax boards to reduce downtime if recovery is required.
  • Integrated with Email.

Mintai Hydraulics Shanghai Integrates OceanFax with OceanFlow Fax Approval and Stamp Feature for Efficient and Cautious Fax Delivery

Fax Server

Shanghai – 11 May 2011 – Recently Mintai Hydraulics Shanghai Co., Ltd. Signed with OceanX for its OceanFax Fax Server, the No.1 Fastest Growing Fax Server and the Fax Approval and Stamp feature of its another flagship OceanFlow system.

Established in 2001 and obtained ISO9001 certificate in 2005, Mintai Hydraulics Shanghai has been mainly engaged in the design and production of hydraulic field products for more than 10 years, including pleated filter elements, Suction filters, Return filters, Vane Pumps and Valves. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, China, with a factory of 20,000 square meters.

System Integration
  • Integrate with OceanFlow Fax Approval and Stamp feature.
  • Integrate with Email.
Elaboration of the Integration into OceanFlow in the Project

Mintai’s design department needs to fax their design drawings to customers with OceanFax. Yet, senders must submit the drawings to the department manager for approval before faxing out, because all of the drawings are business secrets. That’s why Mintai chose to integrate OceanFax with OceanFlow Fax Approval and Stamp feature, to achieve the aim of efficient and cautious fax delivery.

Because approvers must sign the drawings with e-stamps and all the approved documents must be archived, Stamp Control plays an important role in approval process. Role-based authorization ensures stamp security.

Once the documents are approved in OceanFlow, they are automatically delivered to OceanFax to fax out.

About OceanFlow

OceanFlow-Approval & Workflow system is an easy-to-use and cost-effective electronically approval system. It turns approval process from paper-driven to paperless by allowing approvers directly sign e-documents from desktop with e-signature and e-stamp.

Travel Expert Integrates OceanFax with Billing System for More Stable Performance, Replacing the Old Fax System

Fax ServerHong Kong – 5 May 2011 – Travel Expert Limited recently selected OceanFax to integrate into its billing system for more stable performance, replacing the old fax system.

Travel Expert is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and an engaged agent of various essential Airlines and Hotels. Travel Expert owns solid experience in travel consultancy with over 400 staff and 50 branches embracing the business hearts of Hong Kong.

System Integration
  • Integrate with Billing system.
  • Integrate with Email.