No.1 Fastest Growing & Award winning OceanFax Fax Server Launches Version 2.0

Fax ServerHong Kong – 29 Mar 2011 – Highly recognized by customers, fax server leader OceanFax has been a world class fax server before the new version release. Everyday, thousands of organizations of difference types and in all industries are using OceanFax sending and receiving fax. The industries include government, banking & finance, insurance, manufacturing, trading, logistics, and etc. OceanFax enables paperless mass faxing with zero fax bills to reduce cost, integrates into regular work applications to improve efficiency and ensures important e-document delivery in a much more formal and secure way than email.

To meet continuously increasing customer expectations, the developer OceanX further enhanced the solution and newly released the latest version. The new version performs innovative functions, including windows on the web, delegates, project fax, auto forward to folder, auto backup and single-click restore, auto archive and self-defined field, which delivers the enhanced easy-to-use and admin capabilities to user and administrator. Offering strong advantages, OceanFax new version is bound to bring customer a new surprise and experience!

Windows on the web

The new version supports access to fax server via IE anytime, anywhere. The server also supports multilingual interface of more than ten languages and multilingual processing, including English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Japanese.


User can delegate other user(s) or group(s) to view, edit, forward or even delete his/her faxes or fax folders. It is easy to maintain in case of employee change by delegating to group(s) instead of user(s).

Project fax

User can build shared fax folder(s) by project to share all the inbound and outbound faxes from the exclusive project fax line to the corresponding project team. Team members are authorized differently depending on the role being assigned. Besides, user can share multiple shared folders simultaneously according to his/her job duties. It is easy to maintain in case of employee change by delegating to group(s) instead of user(s).

Auto forward to folder

The new version can auto forward all inbound and outbound faxes into a network directory. Fax image supports PDF or TIF format and is attached with XML file associated for system integration and applications.

Auto backup and single-click restore

The new version can auto backup the data including cover-sheet, fax images, database, system rules, configuration, and etc. Administrator can restore all backup data with single-button click.

Auto archive

The new version can auto archive online fax to offline database by predefined criteria. User can access both online faxes and offline archive through the single interface and quick search the archived faxes by criteria. Furthermore, the new version can auto permanently delete outdated archived faxes by predefined criteria to ensure enough disc space.

Self-defined field

Administrator can set field configuration in fax manager. User can self define the functions and notes of fields to ensure quick search as the criteria.

“OceanFax Fax Server is the No. 1 fastest growing and award winning fax server in Hong Kong and China.” said Mr. Tse Chiu Hing, OceanX CEO, “As a professional fax server solution provider dedicated in pursuit of perfection, OceanX highly values customers and increases fulfillment speed to meet customer expectations. OceanFax new version will better help customer streamline process and improve efficiency, to achieve their organizational goal.”

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HKCSS Selects OceanFax for Mass Fax to Achieve Efficient Notification, Leveraging its Unique Black & White List filter

Fax ServerHong Kong – 28 March 2011 – The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) recently signed a deal with OceanX to leverage its world-class OceanFax Fax Server for mass fax function to achieve efficient notification, while replacing its old fax system for better performance.

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) has grown to become an umbrella organization of over 370 Agency Member, that provide over 90% of the social welfare services for those in need through their 3,000 service units all over Hong Kong.

Technical Highlights – Black & White List Filtering
  • Users can download the Do-Not-Call List from the website of the Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) and add it to the black list in OceanFax.
  • OceanFax is world’s only fax server to support OFTA format.
  • Black list avoids sending information to unauthorized and unsecure fax numbers for regulatory compliance and prevents receiving the unpermitted faxes (e.g. unpermitted promotion faxes) to reduce paper waste.

China Continent P&C Insurance Applied OceanFax for Fax Automation to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Cost

Fax Server

Brief Introduction

China Continent Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd applied OceanX’s flagship OceanFax Fax Server to replace its old fax machine, for fax automation to achieve paperless operation. More than 10 departments, including nearly 300 users in total, in the company’s headquarters, send and receive faxes with OceanFax for the improved efficiency and reduced cost.

Feature Highlights
  • Windows Domain Environment
  • Analog line, Diva Card, 16 channel, nearly 300 users
  • AD Sync users
  • DTMF Routing
  • Auto distribute inbound faxes to the per-defined mailboxes
  • Auto distribute failed faxes to a pre-defined group
  • Notifications
  • Email to Fax (Exchange 2007 connector)
  • Ricoh MFP to Fax Connector
  • Windows on the Web
  • Fax Backup
  • Fax Archival
  • Fax Report
  • Phonebook (for internal sending and receiving)
System Integration
  • Exchange 2007
  • Ricoh MFP
The problems with traditional fax machines
  • Unable to prevent receiving the unpermitted faxes (e.g. promotion faxes) and waste paper.
  • Inefficient for manual feeding and paper jam.
  • Waste time due to no phonebook and mass fax function.
  • No fax archival and easy to lose important faxes.
  • Shared fax machines expose confidential faxes and leads users easy to miss receiving faxes.
  • Reduce paper use to reduce cost.
  • Support windows on the web and email integration to improve efficiency.
  • Easy to use ribbon interface.
  • Central control to enhance safety.
Customer Testimonial

Fax Server

Chinese Audio with English Subtitle 

“First, I would like to thank the implementation consultant from OceanX for his support during the project implementation. He always answers our questions on OceanFax application in time and with patience.

Second, I would like to thank OceanX for the powerful software you provide. OceanFax is user-friendly, easy to use and its functions are very powerful and sophisticated, no matter in installation, operation or configuration. The software helped us consolidate sending and receiving faxes with one server instead of individual fax machines, which greatly improves efficiency and reduces cost. During maintenance, the software is also easy to administrate. Our IT team can independently handle most of maintenance and data approval after simple training, which greatly saved our time.

Last, I hope we can further cooperate in the following days, and wish OceanX make greater achievements in fax solution field and win more customers’ trust and support!”

– Mr. Wan Zhong Xi
Information Technology Department
China Continent Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd.

Fax Server

Group Photo of Project Team

(Left to Right: Mr. Wan Zhong Xi, Information Technology Department of China Continent P&C Insurance; Miss Han, Printing Room of China Continent P&C Insurance; Kevin, the implementation consultant from OceanX)

About China Continent P&C Insurance

Founded in 2003 with a registered capital of 4.7 billion RMB, China Continent Property and Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd. is a nation-wide property and casualty insurance company under China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, China and has set up 34 branches, one sales office and more than 1,700 sub-branches, forming a nation-wide service network. It now ranks No. 5 in China in terms of market share and No.4 in terms of overall capabilities.